Blog Round up 20 September 2009

This blog round up is somewhat later than I had intended, but for good reason.  I've been waiting for a couple of blog posts to emerge into the public domain, so that I could include them in the round up. I can't impress upon you how important it is to read these posts.

Its Really Really REALLY important that you read this post by Mark Kruger on Script Injection Attacks. You should also read Ray Camden's "How Galleon was Hacked" post.
Read, inwardly digest and then go away and make sure that none of your applications are vunerable to this form of attack and that you've applied updated to all your third party applications to be sure that they are patched against. It can affect anyone (This link may give you a malware warning, but the site is now clean and clear) and everyone.

Congratulations to Liz Frederick who has joined Adobe Developer Relations team as Community Manager. Liz previously worked for Stellr and Teratech and was key in the organisation of CFUnited in the US and Europe.

While I'm tangentially mentioning conferences, Scotch on the Road European tour is rapidly running out of tickets.  Last tweet I saw from Andy said that there was only one ticket left for Amsterdam. Tickets are Free and Terrence Ryan and Adam Lehman will be in attendance!  Can you afford not to go? ;)

If you're going to be at the Amsterdam session, would you be interested in 2 days of ColdBox Training?
Kev McCabe also asks what would you like to see at Scotch on the Rocks 2010. Help the guys out to make SOTR the conference that you want it to be.

I mentioned previously a post by Ray Camden on Web Charts Editor. While doing some research on ColdBox Ray came across the editor as a plugin for Eclipse, which is pretty cool.  Check it out....

I haven't had time to read them all, but there's been a flurry of CF9 ORM/Hibernate posts this last week or so.  Looks like great minds and all that.. ;)
Anyway, here's a quick list of those posts.

On the subject of ORM Tom de Manincor has released an update to TransferSync to allow synchronising between multiple instances on the same server.

To close up this round-up, I mentioned last time that I've upgraded to MangoBlog 1.4, but didn't mention that verision 1.4 has only recently been updated. Here's a post by Marcos Placona of the new features and some important notes for Railo users. 

With this new skin and the new version of MangoBlog, plus a recent outting to FOWD in glasgow I've started trying to use microformats on my links.  I'm not sure they really do that much or are that meaningful, but I want to have a play around with them to see what the deal is. Feel free to tell me to stop it if the outcome is unwanted.  Next I need to go take some photos around Newcastle and get these header images more relevant to me.