ColdFusion Blog Roundup - 7th December 2010

I'm not entirely sure why, but I've had a sudden urge to write a blog round up! So here we go :

I'd be very surprised if you haven't heard of Matt Gifford's OO Programming in ColdFusion book Having written the book Matt is now looking at a User Group tour or workshop tour as well. In order to better understand everyone's requirements he's asking if people interesting in attending a session could complete a very brief survey. If you'd like to know a little more about the book take a look John Whish's review

Another conference to add to your calendar for 2011, other than wonderful, the glorious, the magnificent Scotch on the Rocks 2011, is the Open CF Summit in Feburary held in Texas. Speaker already confirmed are Sean Corfield, Chris Chalk from Google, Kurt Wiersma, Alan Williamson and Matt Woodward.

Currently not attending, but would like to attend is the lead developer of CFEclipse. Unfortunately, its not in his or his employer's budget, so the CFEclipse team have started a whip round to see if they can get Denny to the conference. If you're a user and abuse of CFEclipse, why not help Denny out.

Ray Camden always has some interesting little gotcha's on his blog and this Quick Test - CFScript UDF is no different, pointing out a change in the way arguments in UDFs have changed from CF5-8 to CF9.

Another neat little tidbit is this one from Andy Jarrett, with a little bit of jQuery for finding all the empty form fields.

Recently the chaps at AW2.0 added a neat feature to Open Bluedragon in the form of that can directly embed a third party language. At the moment this is currently only in the form of java, but I believe there are plans for other languages, possibly including server-side javascript. Alan Williamson recently put this new feature to good use to create a wrapper for accessing MongoDB. A similar project for other versions of CFML Server is Marc Esher's CFMongoDB on RIAForge.

The ColdFusion Meetup has got another great speaker and topic lined up in the form of Carl Meyer talking on JVM Configuration and CF. This is something that I seem to end up tinkering with quite frequently, so its a topic that I am particularly looking forward to.

John Whish has just posted an article on caching views but not layouts in ColdBox and is definitely one I've book marked to read later.

There are a whole host of other posts, but these are the ones that particularly peaked my interest. I hope you find them useful too.