CFOverflow and my Twitter Favourites

I've been tinkering with a couple of bits and pieces with Twitter for a little while, but I've never really put them out there or publicised them.

The first, and most importantly, is the twitter account CFOverflow. The second is my list of twitter favourites.

CFOverflow is a pretty simple information account on twitter. It doesn't follow anyone, doesn't gossip or tell you what its had for lunch. CFOverflow uses TwitterFeed to push the RSS feeds for the newest entries from StackOverflow tagged with either ColdFusion or CFML. Each post is tagged with #coldfusion, so if you have a channel or search set up to track coldfusion posts on twitter you probably have already seen CFOverflow.

CFOverflow came about when someone (sorry I forget who) from the 370+ ColdFusion developer I follow on twitter mentioned that they missed a twitter account that published ColdFusion questions from StackOverflow. I tried to acquire the account that was mention, failed and came up with CFOverflow. I decided to tag the questions with #coldfusion so that ColdFusion questions on Stackoverflow receive a bit more attention even if folks didn't know about CFOverflow.

It seems to be working quite well. ColdFusion questions on Stackoverflow are getting answered pretty quickly and authoritatively. There are a couple of little issues I have with it. TwitterFeed can be a little slow in updating and if someone tags a question with both ColdFusion and CFML, then you get a duplicate post. I'm considering writing a feed publisher specifically for this purpose that should be a bit more timely in its updates and won't post duplicates.

Does anyone have any suggestions of other keywords to follow on StackOverflow or any suggestions on how I could make CFOverflow more useful to everyone out there?

My Twitter favourites; You can see them here. Basically, I favourite tweets pretty much every day, but I often forget to go back and look at them, though not so much since Mixero add a favourites tab to their client. However, I thought it might be a fun thing to add to my blog as a reminder to me and might be of interest to my reader. I hope you do find it interesting or useful.

That's great. I love to use that one.

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