Blog Roundup 7 May 2010

I'm on fire!! A blog round-up two weeks in a row!!

I read and pick the entries for the blog round in Google Reader. There are currently 101 subscriptions listed there, but I'm always happy to add more if someone would like me to consider their blog posts for inclusion in these sporadic updates. You can see the 101 already added listed on my blog roll page.

Lets crack on with the round-up.

This blog, along with lots of other ColdFusion developer's blogs are run on Ray Camden's BlogCFC. Ray has recently set up a Google group for BlogCFC and is discussing plans for v6 of BlogCFC on there among other things. Its hoped that the Google Group will provide a much more accessible way for BlogCFC user to ask questions and provide feedback.

Talking of Ray; One of his "Ask a Jedi" questions was "When do you catch errors?". For once Ray didn't actually have a good answer and is throwing it out there for other folks to discuss, so have a read and add your thoughts.

Jason Dean has written a couple of very interesting post of Cryptography that are well worth a read. I got far too sucked in to trying to work out one of the encryption challenges. Thanks for that Jason! ;oP

A couple of database related articles caught my eye this week. The first is Charlie Arehart's post about updated jdbc type 5 drivers These are the commercial version of the drivers available in ColdFusion Server, but Charlie does point out the potential benefits as well as some useful resources for performance tuning.

The second database post is one by Barney Boisvert on embracing HQL and SQL. To be honest I'm still trying to get my head around using hibernate, so some of it was a bit "eh?" to me, but definitely and interesting read.

Ben Forta notes that Adobe is running a developer week next week (w/c 10th May 2010)
For those of in the EMEA Adobe EMEA will be running a series of e-seminars called Build an app in a week beginning Monday 7th June 2010. I've already given some folks a bit of hassle over the fact that these seminars are building apps, but yet don't use one of Adobe's core server technologies, namely ColdFusion. Hopefully, we'll see an update to the schedule with the inclusion of a ColdFusion seminar.

Jason Delmore has a short post on Serializing/Deserializing in ColdFusion 9. This is converting complex data into a string representation of the object. It is kind of a pain in CF8, but two CF9 functions make this very easy to manage. Have a read. Jason also posts the CF8 solution for managing this functionality in ColdFusion 8.

Last but not least John Whish has posted an article on Unit Testing ORM with Coldbox3 and MXUnit. ColdBox3 is a framework I'm currently working with, unit testing with MXUnit is something that I need to do much more of and it did occur to me "how the hell do you unit test ORM?". Its helped answer a couple of question for me.