Scottish CFUG Upcoming Meetings

Just a quick post to point out the two upcoming Scottish ColdFusion User Group events.The two events are on Thursday 25th October and Wednesday 31st October.The first of these on Thursday this week is Andy Allan giving a presentation on ColdFusion 8 at Tidalfire in Edinburgh - for more information and how to register to attend, please see the Scottish CFUG site meeting entry here :

The second is a combined online and live event with the UKCFUG. This will be a MAX Debrief session, as well as UKCFUG Halloween party. For those of you that can attend the meeting in London there will be a copy of CF8 Standard to win. So if you weren't able to attend MAX Europe come along to the meeting either in London or via Adobe Connect and ask your questions! For more information times, the Connect URL and details of how to register for the London meeting take a look at the Scottish CFUG Events page : As ever - everyone is welcome to attend the Connect meeting where ever you may be. ;)

Andy Allan goes MAX

MAX Europe that is!

I notice from from Ted on Flex's Blog that MAX is now sold out! And I know why!
Its not cos Ted blogged about the rapidly decreasing numbers of tickets left. Its not because its going to be an awesome conference (which unfortunately I can't attend). Its because Andy Allan has been asked to speak at Max!

Andy has been asked to speak about ColdFusion Server Monitor and Troubleshooting and will be talking at the same time as Ben Forta, Sean Corfield, Ted Patrick and Dirk Eismann. If you're at MAX you should go and show Andy your love by attending his superb and highly informative presentation.

I'm now going to run and hide before the Scotsman comes looking for me to cause me bodily pain for broadcasting this to the entire world. ;oD

Adobe Creative Licence Tour - Newcastle

If you haven't already heard about the Creative Licence Tour, you really should have a look in.

I'll be attending the afternoon session in Newcastle upon Tyne, which is the "Web and Rich Internet Application Development using Flash, Flex, AIR and ColdFusion 8".

There are also sessions through the day on web design with CS Web Premium, photoshop for photographers and cross media design with CS Design Premium.

For more information and to register (I'm not sure what places are still available) take a look here :

If you fancy trying to catch up with me I'll try to be carrying/wearing something suitably User Group ish - otherwise I'll most likely be lugging my laptop around in a Macromedia bag (There will be only one!) ;) Or you can look up my ugly mug on my flickr account (look in the bottom right of this page)

I hope I'll get to meet some of you there.

Installing Adobe CS3 Master Suite on Windows XP

As a Adobe User Group Manager I filled out a some surveys for Adobe they very kindly sent me (and every other UG manager who did likewise) a copy of Adobe Creative Studio 3 Master Suite.

Many many big thank you's to Ed Sullivan and everyone at Adobe for showing their appreciation of the UG community with such a generous reward.

If you haven't seen CS3, it comes in a surprisingly small package that contains about 8 DVDs! It practically begged to be installed! So I tried and I tried again and finally managed it on the 3rd try!So what was going wrong and what did I do to get this working?

Well everything seemed to install ok except Flash Player 9 and something called "Adobe CS3 Master Suite Component". When I tried to run to run any of the main applications ie. Photoshop I would get a message telling me "you cannot use this product at this time" and that I should reinstall it.

I knew that there had been issues with installing CS3 so I did a quick bit of a search and came up with the WinCS3Clean scripts.

What that doesn't tell you is that there are more than the 2 levels given to you. I haven't tested this thoroughly, but there are at least 4 levels that you can select. Try it out - use the preview option to do a dry-run before you actually run it.

Anyway, I uninstalled everything, tried the script with the visible level 2 clean up and started on my second installation attempt.

I should go back a little here. When I say I uninstalled everything I mean I uninstalled everything from Macromedia or Adobe. The reason for this was that I the AIR Beta installed as well as a trial for Photoshop CS2 that I'd forgotten about. You probably don't need to go this mad with the uninstallation, but its definately worth removing any beta and trial software before you install CS3.

Anyway, back on track. The installation ended up going through but failing in exactly the same way... A little more search and I came across a note that said that the reason was Flash 8 Plugin - "But I don't have Flash 8 plugin" was my first thought.... How wrong I was!!

If you haven't already, grab yourself a copy of the Windows Install Clean Up utility. Install it and run it.

A little browse through and you may well find a few items that you didn't realise were in there, including Flash 8 Plugin! When you've done an uninstall of the broken CS3 use this utility to do an uninstall of the Flash 8 Plugin (and anything else you fancy tidying up while you're at it ;o) )

Also in the note about the Windows util was reference to the additional levels in the CS3Cleanup util, so this time, after a dry run, I ran the script at level 4 instead. This cleaned up some remnants from the CS3 install, the flash plugin and the trials/betas I had installed. (Don't forget to do those registry backups just in case ;))

Being as this is windows we're running on here, a restart is always worthwhile at this point.

After this, my third install went through absolutely perfectly and I now have many much applications to play with. :D

I may have gone a bit overboard with my uninstalling, it was something I needed to do anyway, so you probably only need to make sure that you don't have flash 8 plugin lurking on your machine somewhere.

Hope that helps someone.

Scottish CFUG - CF8 Launch Party.

We're considering having a CF8 launch party in Edinburgh at the beginning of August.

We'll have an exclusive Ben Forta CF8 presentation that is being made available only to Adobe ColdFusion User groups. There will be a copy of CF8 standard and (post willing) other cf8 goodies to give away, as well as free beer and pizza!

In order to do this we'll need a minimum of 20 folks to show up, if you're interested please confirm by email to [email protected] asap.

ColdFusion 8 - Public Beta

Released for public beta on Adobe Labs just today! Just in time for Scotch!

You can find out more about and download ColdFusion 8 from

If you haven't already got your tickets for Scotch - there are a few places left - come and find out about ColdFusion 8!

Now then.... How much am I gonna upset Andy and Kev by suggesting we get the conference brochures reprinted with "ColdFusion 8" instead of "Scorpio"? ;)

Adobe Connect Presenting for the uninitiated - help please

After last night I would really appreciate any hints and tips to make my life easier when doing presentations with Adobe Acrobat Connect.

How do I make sure that Connect doesn't suck the life out of my poor little AMD 2400+ processor?

Jeff Coughlin mentioned last night that I should have been using a lower resolution as there is a known issue with Connect and higher resolutions. So what resolution works best?

These are the kind of things I'd like to know as well as any other experiences you may have had that will help me and anyone else reading this give a better presentation first time.

Announcing Scotch on the Rocks 2007

I got accused of not blogging enough today, so I thought (and Andy was champing at the bit) that I best get something on here and make sure it was a suitably big entry.

Well its not like its a long entry, but I think this is a big thing and hopefully you will too!Scotch of the Rocks is returning in 2007!

Andy and I have been chatting about Scotch since July and we've finally got something concrete to tell everyone about and Andy has been busy getting the site up and running.

Scotch on the Rocks will be a two day conference, held on Thursday May 31st and Friday 1st June 2007.

Ticket price is yet to be confirmed, but we guarantee that it will be under £100. Whatever the price, it will include food and drink through the two days, as well as your goodie bag, the sessions and the chance to meet up with other like minded individuals.

The venue will be the European in Scotland Business Center in Edinburgh. inScotland was formally Adobe/Aldus headquarters when Pagemaker was developed and marketed in Europe.

We already have 3 confirmed speakers : Tim Buntel, Senior Product Marketing Manager for ColdFusion, Mark Drew developer of cfeclipse and Kev McCabe of BSkyB.

The topics have yet to be confirmed, but we hope to cover ColdFusion (Scorpio), Flex, AJAX, Adobe Apollo and LiveCycle and more.

Adobe have kindly agreed to be Platinum Sponsors of the event, but we are looking for more sponsors, so if you're interested give me or Andy a shout.

There's more information on the website, which we'll be updating regularly and can be found at

If you want any more information or want to speak or sponsor, please don't hesitate to get in touch with either Andy or myself.

ColdFusion a serious Adobe Product.

I've never doubted that any of the companies that have created, bought and grown ColdFusion have taken it anything less than seriously. There are have always been conspiracy theorists that claim that CF is treated as second-class citizen and have either not understood the power of the product and not given it the coverage it.

However it is great to see that Tim Buntel is putting paid to any rumours, is helping to forward CF in highly visible locations (as suggested by his readers) and that the top brass at Adobe understand and are interested in ColdFusion.

ps. Tim - you can blame Andy for putting the "Bunty" image into my head :)

New Audio Editing Tool

I was just checking out all the blog entries that have accumulated in my Google Reader (I hope they create a little alerter tool a la Bloglines) and spotted this article on BetaNews.

Its aimed at web designers and developers "who do not specialize in audio". I'm guessing its also aimed at podcasters as an alternate to Audacity and cheaper alternative to Adobe Audition.

I haven't had a look yet, but you can get a beta download of Soundbooth from Adobe Labs

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