BlogCFC 5 Goes Gold!

Well today BlogCFC 5 went Gold. Raymond still wants to do more to it, but decided that it was time to wrap things up into a released product and a good release it is!

I'm loving the new admin - it makes life so much easier!

Next job - convert it to work in Farcry 3.0.1!

BlogCFC Revision 177

Raymond's done some more tweaks to BlogCFC. As usual I've uploaded them to my site and there have been no problems with them and MySQL 5.

One thing to note - the blog.ini.cfm file was checked into SVN yesterday, but a quick check through shows no changes or additions, so you shouldn't need to upload that unless you're way back pre-beta2.

Blog Upgrade to BlogCFC 5beta

Well I've just had a "little" upgrade of my blog software and it all looks good!

You may or may not know, but I use Raymond Camden's BlogCFC. Raymond's been doing a lot of work on BlogCFC and it has now become BlogCFC 5.BlogCFC 5 is still in beta and, at the time of writing this, on revision 147, but its looking really good. No more is the ?designmode=1 requirement to be able to add or edit entries on the blog and there are a stack of other additions to the admin side of things as well. Take a look here to see some of the new features and also at the website for regular updates.

My blog is running on a windows server with MySQL 5.x as the database. To help myself update my existing blog as quickly as possible I wrote a little updater.

I had hoped to make a proper installer updater that allowed you to update an existing site without losing the styles and so on, but the changes to the styles are too extensive for this to happen easily, so what I have is a simple form that will set the two missing ini variables and update the database.

What you need to do is create your own install package. To do this :

  • Get a copy of the latest set of files for BlogCFC and remove the blog.ini.cfm file from /org/camden/blog.
  • Get the upgrade file that is attached to this blog entry, take it out of the rar file and drop it into the top level of the client folder.
  • Update the new style file (style.css) and layout.cfm to reflect your own personal styles and layout.
Now you can place (ftp/webdev/rds/whatever) these files directly over the top of the existing blog files. This will break your blog, but not for long.

Now go to http://yourblogurl/MySQLUpgrade.cfm You will be prompted to input :

  1. the datasource name
  2. the name you want to see for entries you create on the blog
  3. the maximum number of entries you want to see on a page, defaults to 25
  4. a comma delimited list of IP Address you want to block

When you've enter those details, hit the "update" button and away it will go!

Once its done you need to remove this file from your web server.

Its a little rough and ready and it worked just fine for me, but I need to stress that this is an updater for BlogCFC running on MySQL only! and that you should always test these things on a development/staging server first!

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