Farcry Snippets

I blogged a little while back that I was going to be entering Todd Sharp's Snip-A-Thon 2007!I've been adding a few snippets - not as many as I'd hoped - but I've added a few and I'm amazingly currently in 3rd position!

Part of what I've been trying to do is to make some meaningful and useful snippets for Farcry 4 that anyone can use when they are developing Farcry solutions. The idea is that theses snippets would provide useful examples of how to use the many core tags, as well as, making it easier to start creating your own custom data types.

What I've done so far is add a library to CFSnippets for Farcry, which you can find and subscribe to here : http://snipurl.com/farcrysnippets and I've added a couple of very simple snippets. These are :

  1. FT String property - for adding Form Tool string properties to a custom data type
  2. Insert Image from ObjectID Widget - using the imageDisplay widget
  3. Build Simple Text link - using the buildlink webskin tag
  4. Import Tags for webskin and widget tag libraries

I plan to add more as I get the opportunities, but please don't let that stop you from adding your own Farcry snippets and joining in the Snip-a-thon. ;)

Snipex Snipathon - the gloves come off.

I happened to glance at google reader and spotted that Andy Allan had posted a new entry - snip... snip... snip.... I generally read Andy's blog anyway to see what he's not been telling me about already, but this time I was... what the hell are you on about!?! So I went straight ahead and read it - be damned with the other 317 unread items!

Turns out Todd Sharp is running a grand Snip-a-thon competition to get us all using his most excellent new site CFSnippets.org

Now I've been meaning to use CFSnippets for a while, as well as making better use of snippets in cfeclipse, but not actually got around to it, so now I've got a challenge for myself!

  • Use snippets more
  • Upload the snippets to cfsnippets.org
  • Add all those Farcry snippets I've been promising myself I would do
  • beat Andy Allan

Nothing like a friendly bit of competition. ;)

UPDATE: I should probably mention that I'm mr_nil on snippex, twitter and pretty much anywhere else you might see that name....