Scotch on the Rocks : Early Bird coming to the end

Seven days left!  Thats all there is before the early bird discount ends.

We're into April now, so your boss should be now have budgets opened up for the new financial year.  Make him really happy by persuading him to buy your tickets to Scotch on the Rocks (probably the best conference you'll attend in the UK this year) NOW!  Right now!!  Before the end of the month, while the ticket prices are still at the early bird price.

Here's what you'll be missing out on if you don't get your tickets now.

Ticket Type Before After Saving
1 Day Conference Ticket £99 + VAT £149 + VAT £50 + VAT
2 Day Conference Ticket £149 + VAT £199 + VAT £50 + VAT
3 Day Conference Ticket £199 + VAT £299 + VAT £100 + VAT
FlexiPass £299 + VAT £399 + VAT £100 + VAT

That's right!  If you're coming to the full conference, paying for your ticket now will save your boss (or you) £100! (£117.50 if you can't claim the VAT back)

You know you want to!  You really don't want to miss out on a 3 day conference with a speaker list like this at these incredible prices!

  • Adobe Consulting EMEA
  • Charlie Arehart (Everyone's favourite CF expert)
  • Sanjeev Kumar (From the ColdFusion Engineering team)
  • Jason Delmore (ColdFusion Product Manager)
  • Amir Shoval (From RADView)
  • Nick Watson (Adobe's EuropeanTechnical Account Manager for ColdFusion, Flex and LiveCycle Data Services ES)
  • Luca Mezzalira (Italian Flash Platform Developer)
  • Neil Webb (Flash platform developer / flower arranger / erotic dance)
  • Toby Tremayne (CF and Flex Developer based in Melbourne Australia)
  • Andrew Shorten (Adobe Platform Evangalist)
  • Adam Lehman (Adobe CF Specialist)
  • Kai Koenig (Adobe Certified Master Instructor based in New Zealand)
  • Ben Forta (No idea who this guy is)
  • Peter Elst (ACE, Flash Instructor, Belgium AUG Manager)
  • David Rutter (CTO Tag Worldwide)
  • Duncan Jack (Openworld)
  • Ian Bale (Celtic Internet)
  • Simon Gladman (Development Director, Tag Worldwide)
  • Neil Middleton (The man behind Feed-Squirrel)
  • Gert Franz (Railo)
  • Matt Woodward (ColdFusion Weekly Podcast)
  • Sean Corfield
  • Peter Bell (Application Generation)
  • Scott Stroz (Alagad, CFSilence, CFSnippets)
  • Joe Rhinehart (Model-Glue)
  • Mark Drew (CFEclipse)

I'm absolutely sure I've missed some! And of course there's Jatin Nanda, Big Mad Kev, myself and, the man in the skirt, Andy Allan, who will be working working hard to make sure that this conference is everything you want it to be and more!

Visit the website to find out more about the speaker, the agenda, location and to BUY YOUR TICKETS while they are still cheap as chips! ;)

Scotch on the Rocks : Speaker Schedule

There's been a couple of updates on the Scotch website today.First of all there is a first draft of the schedule for the three days of the conference. Download the pdf that will show you all the speakers and their topics, the days that they will be speaking on.

This is only the first draft and if you think that there are topics that clash in the tracks, then please don't hesitate to let us know. After all, as we've always said, this is a conference for developers by developers.

Something that we haven't mentioned before, but I think has the potential to be really exciting. This year we have the facility and the speaker-base to be able to offer ad hoc sessions.
What does this mean for you as a delegate? We spend a lot of our time talking to the speakers and the delegates through out the conference. If we find that there is interest in a particular topic that we don't already have on the agenda, we will do our best to set up a session to cover this topic. How's that for a dynamic conference about dynamic technologies? ;)

If you're looking for accommodation for the conference, we can help with that too now. Kev, has got us set up an affiliate with

Use this search to help find a room. If you want to share a twin room with someone put a shout on the Scottish CFUG Google Group or give me a shout and I'll do it for you!

Last but not least... See an interview with Mr T. Dare you invoke the wrath of Mr T and not come to Scotch? Take advantage of the last day of early bird discount!

Scotch on the Rocks 2008 - Early bird ends Friday

Just wanted to quickly remind everyone that the Scotch on the Rock early bird discount ends this Friday!! That's Friday 29th February.

After this the price for a standard ticket will rise from £199+VAT for the three days to £299+VAT. So still an excellent deal, but just not quite as good as 3 days of conference with a ton of superb speakers and topics for only £199.

If you don't already know, there will be some "CF9 Specials" at Scotch on the Rocks! We've got Ben Forta, Adam Lehman, Jason Delmore, Kristen Schofield plus some of the engineering team coming to Scotch and yes, they will be talking about CF9.

Better hurry up and get your tickets. ;)

Scotch on the Rocks - Tickets on Sale!

Tickets for Scotch on the Rocks have gone on sale this morning!

If you buy your ticket before 1st March you can get get £100 off the price of the ticket!That's right! £100 saving!

There are two types of ticket available this year; Your standard delegate pass, which is available for £199 and a company flexipass for £299 for the three days.

So what's the difference? Why does the company Flexipass cost more?
The standard ticket is for one named delegate only, so only one person can use that pass to attend all three days of the conference.
The Flexipass can be used by one delegate per day. Its often difficult for any of us to justify being away from our desk for one day, let alone 3 days. What the Flexipass allows a company to do is send a different member of your development team each day.

So why should you attend Scotch on the Rock 2008?

Take a look at the agenda and the speaker list!! There are some amazing speakers and topics at the conference this year! International speakers such as Matt Woodward, Peter Bell, Ben Forta, Toby Tremayne (coming all the way from Australia). European speakers such as Peter Elst (from Belgium) and local speakers such as Mark Drew and Neil Middleton, plus many many more!

The topics at the conference cover anything from CF/Flex and ColdFusion and PDF, Railo, AIR APIs through to LiveCycle Data Services and Blaze!

Why wouldn't you attend this conference!?! Why are you reading my blog still and not buying your tickets and booking your hotel room! ;)

SOTR 2008 : Speaker Announcements

If you haven't already seen, Andy Allan has been busy peppering the week with announcements of new speakers that we have confirmed for Scotch on the Rocks 2008.The latest speaker set of speakers are all web application developers from across the UK.

So far we have:

  • Neil Middleton, the man behind Feed Squirrel
  • Simon Gladman, Development Director at Tag Worldwide
  • Ian Bale, co-director of Celtic Internet
  • Duncan Jack of Open Word, a speaker at both Scotch 05 and Scotch 07

I'm sure that there will be at least one more speaker to come this week.

To find out more about Scotch on the Rocks and all of our speaker, both International and National, visit the website.

Scotch 007 Photos.

The photos I took at Scotch this year have been up on Flickr since the conference, but a certain Cybersonic has just been adding some notes and comments!

Thanks to Oguz Demirkapı for all the other notes.

Here's looking forward to Scotch on the Rocks 2008

Scottish CFUG Upcoming Meetings

Just a quick post to point out the two upcoming Scottish ColdFusion User Group events.The two events are on Thursday 25th October and Wednesday 31st October.The first of these on Thursday this week is Andy Allan giving a presentation on ColdFusion 8 at Tidalfire in Edinburgh - for more information and how to register to attend, please see the Scottish CFUG site meeting entry here :

The second is a combined online and live event with the UKCFUG. This will be a MAX Debrief session, as well as UKCFUG Halloween party. For those of you that can attend the meeting in London there will be a copy of CF8 Standard to win. So if you weren't able to attend MAX Europe come along to the meeting either in London or via Adobe Connect and ask your questions! For more information times, the Connect URL and details of how to register for the London meeting take a look at the Scottish CFUG Events page : As ever - everyone is welcome to attend the Connect meeting where ever you may be. ;)

Andy Allan goes MAX

MAX Europe that is!

I notice from from Ted on Flex's Blog that MAX is now sold out! And I know why!
Its not cos Ted blogged about the rapidly decreasing numbers of tickets left. Its not because its going to be an awesome conference (which unfortunately I can't attend). Its because Andy Allan has been asked to speak at Max!

Andy has been asked to speak about ColdFusion Server Monitor and Troubleshooting and will be talking at the same time as Ben Forta, Sean Corfield, Ted Patrick and Dirk Eismann. If you're at MAX you should go and show Andy your love by attending his superb and highly informative presentation.

I'm now going to run and hide before the Scotsman comes looking for me to cause me bodily pain for broadcasting this to the entire world. ;oD

Scotch 2008 - Latest Speaker Announcements

I'm afraid I'm a little slow on posting this, what with my son, my missus and finally me on Friday going down with nasty stomach bug last week.

But I am very pleased to announce that Sean Corfield, Matt Woodward, Doug Hughes and Gert Franz are the latest confirmed speakers for Scotch on the Rocks 2008.

Previously announced were Joe Rinehart, Mark Drew, Scott Stroz and Peter Bell. I can't believe what a line-up we've already got for the conference and there's still another 9 months of growing to do before this baby is born!

Scotch on the Rock 2008 : Podcast 1 - Andy Allan

Well Its only taken 3 weeks, but I finally collared Andy for a chat about Scotch on the Rocks. We had a chat about the past events, as well as what is coming up for the June 2008 conference. I plan to try and do a podcast every other month, hopefully, with the speakers and sponsors of the conference. If you want to have a listen to Geordie and a Scot, you can download the 20 minute, 20MB MP3 from the SOTR website. Its our first time doing a podcast, so be nice ;)

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