Adobe Developer Week: The recordings

Adobe Developer Week 2008 was a few weeks ago now and I realised the other day that I hadn't written a quick post to point you to the recordings from the Connect sessions.

I was talking to Barry Beatie down in Australia at the time.  He kindly pointed me to this Adobe Australia and New Zealand site :

Its a really nice site where you can find all the recordings, but I thought I should find the UK/USA equivalent.  Thank to Ed Sullivan for pointing me to this page. Not nearly so attractive, but is the main Adobe Online Event page and also provides some additional online events recordings. You'll need to scroll down to the "Flex Architecture" presentation for the Developer Week Presentations. The Developer Week presentations all have the following description:

Adobe provides end-to-end web development tool suites and solutions. Join us to see what the buzz is all about in this one week long event with 20 sessions covering AIR, Flex, Flash, Mobile, ColdFusion and Dreamweaver technologies. Click here to listen.


Adobe Connect Presenting for the uninitiated - help please

After last night I would really appreciate any hints and tips to make my life easier when doing presentations with Adobe Acrobat Connect.

How do I make sure that Connect doesn't suck the life out of my poor little AMD 2400+ processor?

Jeff Coughlin mentioned last night that I should have been using a lower resolution as there is a known issue with Connect and higher resolutions. So what resolution works best?

These are the kind of things I'd like to know as well as any other experiences you may have had that will help me and anyone else reading this give a better presentation first time.