Farcry Presentation minor delay

I was going to be doing a presentation to night on Farcry 3.x and an intro to FC4, but unfortunately I'm going to have to put it off for tonight.

Its not a major delay though, just until tomorrow night.

So it'll be the same time and same place, just 8PM GMT Thursday night rather than Wednesday night.

Sorry about that folks...

Presentation on Farcry

I'm not sure quite what I've let myself in for, but after some questions came up on the Scottish CFUG Google Group about farcry and tutorials I've agreed to do a beginners guide to Farcry 3.x and a quick demo of some of the features of Gonzales (FC 4.0)

I'm not going to go into any major depth, but will be covering the following:

  • Basic premise:
    1. setting up FC3.0.2
    2. getting started with content management
    3. creating simple custom types.
  • Additional -
    1. Brief overview of FC4.0 (Gonzales)
    2. Libraries
    3. Form Tools

This'll be held on Adobe Connect (Breeze) at 8pm GMT on Wednesday 29th November. The URL will be : http://adobechats.adobe.acrobat.com/r85058415/

Farcry Bloodline navigation filter

I recently grabbed the latest nightly build from Jeff Coughlin and had it running a copy of our works website on my laptop for a few days before I put the updated fourq and farcry_core files on to the production server.

During the time I was working with it locally, I didn't notice any problems with it. It was all running really well. When I put it live it all continued to run really well. Except for the sudden panic from my colleague who does all the editing of content on the site!She'd been adding all sorts of new content for the launch on Tuesday of Dott's school's Eco Design Challenge.

A lot of the content she'd been adding was in draft mode waiting to be put live at the appropriate time and she'd been looking at the site in design mode for the last couple of days. When she switched back to "live mode" she got a shock when all the navigation for the new content stayed on the site! To start with we thought it was a caching issue, but, and cutting a long story short, it turns out that there has been some changes with the bloodlines tree method.

I have been using a navfilter with the bloodlines method to filter the results out, so that only those items with a status in request.mode.lvalidstatus would show up.

view plain print about
2navfilter[1]="status IN (#listQualify(request.mode.lvalidstatus, "'")#)";

I didn't investigate too deeply, but it would seem that this filter has stopped working for bloodlines. Thats the bad news. The very very good news is that at some point bloodlines got a status argument!

In _genericNav.cfm, I changed :

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1qNav = evaluate("o."&attributes.functionMethod&"(objectid=attributes.navID, lColumns='externallink', "&attributes.functionArgs&", afilter=navFilter)");


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1qNav = evaluate("o."&attributes.functionMethod&"(objectid=attributes.navID, lColumns='externallink', "&attributes.functionArgs&", status=request.mode.lvalidstatus)");

and all the draft content disappeared into the background again.

I don't know when the status argument was added and I may have been utterly blind in the past when looking at the method, but I know its there now. :) Cheers guys.

I do have to say that the Eco characters that have been designed for Dott by NE6 look ace, so check them out, especially if you're somehow involved with Year 8 in a school in the North East of England. ;)

Displaying images in containers in Farcry

This was a question I had when I first started using farcry.

How do I display an image in a container on a page in my farcry site?
Its a question that has come up a couple of times since and its actually pretty easy to answer.

You would normally include an image into a container using the handpicked rule in a container, when you're in design mode on the front of your site. The only problem is that images aren't listed as an "object" that you can select.

The reason for this is that in the core of farcry doesn't allow the dmImage object to be list under the handpicked rule. Fortunately its really very easy to make it listed.

In order to allow a type to be listed you need to have bSchedule="1" as an attribute in the component tag. To make the core dmImage component have this attribute, without editing the core code, you simply extend dmImage in your farcry project.

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1<cfcomponent extends="farcry.farcry_core.packages.types.dmImage"
2             displayName="Images"
3             bSchedule="1">


After this all you need to do is set up some displays in your webskin for dmImage and you're away.

Attached to this post is a small zip that goes into your farcry project folder that does exactly that for you.

UPDATE: Thanks for the comment Jeff. Much appreciated. I'm still a bit of a noob when it comes to Farcry, but I'm slowly getting there, so any and all suggestions/hints/slaps are most welcome. In line with your suggestion I've updated the zip file attached to this post and the image paths now use #application.url.webroot# to specify the relative path to the image folder.

Farcry 3.0.1 administrator scope dump

I got a little annoyed at the scope dump feature in the admin section of Farcry's admin console today, so I rewrote it.

Please don't think for a minute that I'm having a go at farcry - I just needed this function to be a bit more friendly. ;)

The default is to dump the whole of the scope out, which is fine for scopes with only a few keys in them, like the request scope, but the application and session scopes are absolutely stuff with objects some of which are upto 5 levels deep (he says guestimating). Rendering all that html takes what feels like a life time complete and Firefox will tell you that a script may be having problems and ask you if you want to stop or continue.

What I've done is rewrite it with a little bit of javascript to relate the drop down of the scopes with a drop down of their top level keys, so that at least you only pick one key from a scope rather than all of the keys. Its pretty down and dirty, but it works...

The attached file belongs in /farcry_core/admin/admin/ folder.

Admittedly I did feel a little guilty changing a core file, but what the heck its only a small file and not like its part of the cfcs. Just make sure you keep a copy of the original scopeDump.cfm file if you decide you don't like my hack, but I do hope others find it useful.

Designs of the time website launched.

I mentioned in my last entry that the new website for Dott 07 was launched on Monday the 3rd of July.

After two months of development time with the able assistance of Farcry and lots of research and text editing and question asking by my collegue and web editor, Claire Capaldi, we got the site up and running late on on Monday.The excellent design was created and cut up into lots of images and tables for us by BlueRiver. I spent a fair amount of time trying to do away with the table and replace it with a pure css/div design, but to no avail. CSS just doesn't cut it for more complex layouts. I asked for some help of the guys on the Scottish CFUG mailing list as well as on the CSS-Discuss list, but never managed to get a consistent display with different browsers and time was rapidly running away from me!

To be fair to CSS, most of the problem lies with the design having multiple panels in multiple columns. If there were only 2 or more columns and those columns were the panels, then it wouldn't be an issue. Unfortunately, each of the articles I found on creating panels with corners using css had different issues when ever there were more than one panel on a page - fine if there was only one, but two or more just went "wrong" and went wrong differently on IE and FF.

Part of the wrong-ness I think is down to the way that different browsers interprete the CSS Box model and compute the various widths, as well as with problems of positioning images in the back of divs.

One of the things I'm quite pleased with myself for, is that I managed to integrate Ray Camden's BlogCFC into the farcry architecture. The admin was really simple to do - you can literally drop the admin files into a folder in the custom admin folder under farcry_core and create a custom admin menu for each of the sections in the admin. The front end less so and I'm not entirely happy with some of what I've done so I'm not going to say too much about that at the minute, other than to say that entries are displayed using rules/types and pods are done using dmInclude. You obviously need to mess with the layouts and I changed all the cfmodule references in any of the displays to use cfimport, so that I could have the tags anywhere I liked rather than in relative positions.

You also need to do some funky stuff with the config and the application.cfm, but once its in it actually works pretty well. Anyway - enough about that! I need to write a proper article about it really!

Claire does a splendid job of updating the blog and the home page daily and has also made sure that the purpose of Dott is now much clearer on the website than it has ever been.

The site has had lots of positive feedback so far and there is still a stack of work to be done to the site, as well as the additions that will need to be made as each of public commission and education projects come online, as more Dott events take place and showcases are identified!

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