Domain Names of America - the new ploy!

This is gonna be brief - If you don't know Domain Names of America, be thankful. If you do, you'll know about their tactics of emailing people when your domain name is due to expire giving you directions of how to re-register your domain using thier site. Basically, the email misleads the unwary into transfering their domains to them.

Well, I got post (snail mail) yesterday morning from Domain Names of America! The contents of the post was a form to re-register one of my domains that is coming up for renewal!

Half way down the page is a small bold notice that says that this is not a bill, but doesn't point out that they don't actually manage your domain!! I was so annoyed I ripped the letter up into small pieces and binned it very quickly, but I thought I would just post a quick note to bring this to people's attention, specifically if the domain names you manage have client details for administrative purposes. "Clients" aren't always the brightest bunch and could accidently transfer domains away from your control c/o this latest pile of junk by DNoA.

Micro Blogging and social networking

I've been meaning to post this for a while.

I've been messing about on twitter and pownce for a while now and not really told anyone. If you you want to join me/follow me you'll find me at for pownce or for Twitter.

If you don't follow me, you should at least follow the Scotch on the Rocks pownce and twitter, so that you can get the latest updates on the conference as they happen! ;o)

I also recently signed up on Facebook - I have no idea how to point you to my facebook profile, but if you search for the Scottish ColdFusion User Facebook Group, then you should find me.

I'm also on LinkedIn - there's a button down at the bottom right of my blog to get to my profile.

I'm also on all sorts of IM, GTalk, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, AIM. Ask me for details if you want to get in touch via IM.

Pownce : 10 more invites

Anyone not on pownce yet?

Want an invite?

Leave me a comment and I'll send you an invite. (Don't forget to put your correct email address in when you post the comment.)

What do I want for my birthday!?

Its my 30-something birthday coming up next Wednesday and, as usual, I'm in deep do-do with the wife cos I haven't given her any idea for what I want for my birthday and, to be honest, I'm not really sure what I do want....

So this is a cry for help..... Any suggestions for music/books would be most appreciated....

I'm currently reading, and loving, Christopher Brookmyre - All Fun and Games until somebody loses and Eye. I read crime thrillers from the likes of Patricia Cornwall and I also read Sci-Fi (Iain Banks) and Fantasy (yes I read the Harry Potter books, but also Trudy Canavan, David Eddings and co)

Music - take a look at my LastFM page for the stuff I've been listening to on my iPod.

Google Mail searches

And now for another follow on post...

I read Nick Tong's post the other day on getting today's emails from GMail. That got me to thinking - is there an easy way to solve my pet annoyance....

How do I see the unread emails in my inbox or under any label?!

The answer was, typically, very simple:

view plain print about
1in:inbox is:unread
Will get all the unread emails in my inbox.

view plain print about
1label:my-label is:unread
Well give all the unread emails with "My Label". Make sure you replace the spaces in your label with "-".

Like Leif, all I need now is a way to get my email to load up like this!

My Simpson Character

Well - will you look at that!! No entries on my blog!! I guess I should post something then!

Following on from Mark Drew, Andy Jarret and Mark Mandel here is my very own Simpson Avatar.

Passing thoughts

Yesterday morning when I was driving in to work, I switched off the Scissor Sister's new CD to listen to Radio Two. It was this simple action that made me realise that, maybe just maybe, I'd actually have to admit that my hair isn't just very blonde in places it is actually going grey.My wife has been wishing the grey hair on me for years and I've been steadfastly ignoring all the comments and the overly blonde bits, but I guess finding myself listening to Radio Two was the turning point.

After this depressing thought, I was rather cheered whilst sitting in the traffic queue at the Tyne Tunnel by watching three lads laughing at their colleague who was trying desperately to use a big petrol driven Rotavator to cut a new flower/planting bed into the grass of the roundabout. The lad had obviously never used one before and every time he tried to increase the speed of the machine it would run away from him dragging him along behind. It was a classic comedy sketch.

While listening to Radio Two there were a couple of items that I thought I'd mention. The first is Freezer Week... Chris Evans mentioned that he, and the proverbial Radio Two listener, were having a freezer week.

So what's a freezer week? Basically, you don't buy anything from the shops until you've eaten everything in the freeze. It might mean you end up eating junk, but it does mean that you clear out all the stuff that you've forgotten about before it goes to waste. This idea appealed to me, cos our freezer desperately needs defrosting!

The other thing I heard on the radio was some guy can't sell his house. He and his wife have done so much renovation work on their house since they originally bought it 24 years about that the house value has increased to £600k. To try and sell his house he's decided to raffle it off for £60 a ticket. Some of the money he raises will go to charity, some of it will go to the tax man, some of it will go to paypal and the rest will go in his pocket to "buy" the house. The winning ticket holder will get the house or half a million pounds (he'd prefer that the winner takes the house). Its all above board and properly managed. The tickets are being sold from a website, but it seems to be a bit overwhelmed since the announcement on the radio yesterday.

In other news and completely unrelated, I notice that Damon Cooper has posted that there is hotfix available for CF 7.0.2 that addresses issues with file uploads and cfcs in shared scope variables.

First day back

Well it was my first day back to work yesterday after Christmas and paternity leave and a slightly stressful day its was.

First up I didn't really want to leave the house without my 3 week old son and secondly I had to hand in my notice.

I haven't actively been looking for a new job as I enjoy working here at Designs of the time, but a permanent ColdFusion development role turned up and I had to investigate the possibility.My contract here at Dott is only a fixed term by the very nature of the project.

I think this project is great and I love working with everyone here. Unfortunately, good CF posts, particularly permanent ones, don't appear in the Northeast of England very often, so when I got asked to go and have a chat with Mike White at Knowledge House I had to go and find out more.

After a long chat with Mike about the Knowledge House and the services and products that they provide as well as discussing what my role would be.

After this conversation I got asked back for a more formal chat with the Business Development Director and one of the Technical users of their system at which time I was asked if I would like the position. So in a months time I will be moving to a new role with Knowledge House. Knowledge House is a collaborative service provided by all the Universities of the Northeast. I'll be helping to maintain, further develop and provide training for their KHIS application, so they should keep me out of trouble and in beer money for the foreseeable future. ;)

I'm not looking forward to leaving Dott, but I am looking forward to my new job, so I'm kind of in a weird state of flux at the minute as well as my head spinning thinking about all the things that need to be documented for hand over!

Anyway, on with work and writing some articles on Farcry seeing as Geoff let me have access to update the source and I've been tinkering with the farcrycms library. :)

Meet James Harry Moretti

Born today at 2:15pm GMT, James weighed in at 8lb 12oz (3.950kg).

Somehow I doubt that the maternity staff at North Tyneside General hospital would ever read my blog, but a BIG thank you to everyone there that helped in the delivery of James, especially Sarah the midwife.

James was a bit of a lazy git and while Gayle and I were up at 2am this morning, in hospital at 5am and Gayle was ready and waiting for his arrival from 10:30am he had to be dragged out of his warm cosy place to meet the world.

Both Gayle and James are doing fine and currently resting in hospital, while I drink a LARGE glass of wine and sort out the first photos onto Flickr.

Toys for Treatment

Naturally Chiropractic, mine and my wife's chiropractor, are holding a 'Toys for Treatment' day to benefit Ward 10 (Paediatrics) at North Tyneside General Hospital on Wednesday 20th December 2006.

For all their usual clients who have an appointment scheduled on that day their usual fee will be waived in exchange for a toy for the children in Ward 10.

If you don't have an appointment that day and would still like to donate a toy please feel free to drop them in to the clinic during their normal opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30am - 12:30pm, 3pm - 7pm
Tuesday and Thursday 11am - 3pm

Donated toys need to be new and unwrapped. Please note that due to MRSA guidelines at the hospital, they cannot accept soft toys. Any other toy or book suitable for a child under the ages of 16 will be gratefully received!

For further information, please contact Clare at Naturally Chiropractic.

Naturally Chiropractic can be found at :

1a St. Oswin Place
NE30 4RQ
Tel. 0191 259 6777

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