Blog Round up 5 Nov 2008 - The Software release edition

The marathon blog round-up! 390 blog entries to have a read through!
A lesson in never leave a job you should be doing today/tonight until tomorrow!

I'm never going to be able to go through all those posts in one sitting so I'm going to start with the batch of software releases that have been going on the last few weeks.

So lets dive in!

Matt Woodward notes that Open Office 3.0, which I mentioned previously in my round posts, has been released.

Nathan Mische has updated ColdFire on RIAForge fixing a few bugs and an extension for a problem with json. I'd love to know how he comes up with his version numbers. :)

Ray Camden released version 1.5 of SpoolMail with a couple of feature enhancements. If you don't know what SpoolMail is - its handy for when you're developing email feature in application and need to see what is going into the mail queue without them actually have to be sent to real people.

Ted Patrick announced the release of Flash Player 10 and gives a quick overview of the new features. Matt Woodward notes that the Linux edition of FP10 was actually released at the same time, which is a rare event!

Transfer 1.1 Final was release by Mark Mandel.  If you're stuck with a pre v1 copy of Transfer you really must get updated to the 1.1 version.  The performance enhancements are superb, along with the addition of new features such as cache monitoring and object proxies and the stack of bug fixes makes this release a must. If you're on the transfer list you may have noticed me making a bit of a tit of myself, but finally something has clicked and I've spent the last few days having the most fun doing development than I have in a while. Don't get me wrong.  I enjoy writing CFML, but its always nice to do something that is different to your usual routine and makes you feel all warm inside. ;oD   I should probably note here that Mark Mandel has done a CFConversation with Brian Meloche.

Are you an open source developer?  Do you work with databases?  Then you might be interested in Aqua Data Studio 7.  Todd Sharp notes that they offer free licences to open source developers.

The chaps at Broadchoice have been busy releasing and updating their very cool looking AIR application "Workspace".  I really should sign up for a beta account.  I wonder if it comes with free "more hours in the day". ;)

Ray Camden must be making use of those "more hours in the day", because in his relentless application development he's released an update to Lighthouse Pro along with everything else he working on.

Adobe have released a hotfix for ColdFusion 7 and 8 that adds multipart support to cfhttp to support changes with the Google and YouTube APIs.

Well I think thats about all the software releases I can find.  My blog entry count is down to 318 and my head is swimming.  Time to get some sleep.  Please let my son sleep the night through so I get more than 4 hours sleep!

Tomorrow night - "Blog Round up 5 Nov 2008 - In other news". ;)

Google Mail searches

And now for another follow on post...

I read Nick Tong's post the other day on getting today's emails from GMail. That got me to thinking - is there an easy way to solve my pet annoyance....

How do I see the unread emails in my inbox or under any label?!

The answer was, typically, very simple:

view plain print about
1in:inbox is:unread
Will get all the unread emails in my inbox.

view plain print about
1label:my-label is:unread
Well give all the unread emails with "My Label". Make sure you replace the spaces in your label with "-".

Like Leif, all I need now is a way to get my email to load up like this!

Google Blog Search and pinger

It would seem that yesterday I managed to completely forgot to read all my RSS feeds on Google Reader. No idea how I managed it, but there you go....

In amongst all the articles I had read which included Ray Camden's review of the start of the 3rd season of Lost, which I had to quickly look away from and a classic Dilbert I noticed that not only does Google have a Blog Search engine, but they've just released a pinger api as well!

Is there nothing that Google doesn't/won't index??

At some point I really should update my install of BlogCFC and then have a look at the pingers.