Scottish CFUG Meetings - Present and Future

Next Tuesday (24th July 2007 - 8pm GMT) will see the Scottish ColdFusion User Group hosting Scott Stroz giving an online presentation on Sorting and Filtering Data in Flex 2.Everyone is welcome, so if you're interested in attending, just visit the SCFUG website ( for details!

We're also currently asking on the SCFUG Google Group, "What would you like to see presentations on?"

Currently the list stands at :

  • Configuring ColdFusion in Distributed Mode
  • Transfer
  • Event Gateways
  • ANT/SVN/Trac
  • MG2/MG:Flex
  • AIR
  • Building Applications using CFCs (Framework free)
  • ColdFusion OOP

What would you like to see presented at one of our online meetings? Join us on the list or leave your suggestions on the comments here.

Scotch '007 - Day One

Well Wow!! What a first day!

The speakers have been brilliant! The delegates have been superb. Andy has out done himself with all the organising!

Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and the beer is flowing freely (which always makes people happy!)

Soon they will all be heading off to the Haymarket for more beers!

I've uploaded some photos from last night and today to my flickr account - I'll add some titles at some point soon, but feel free to add and comments/notes/insults.

Pre-Scotch Gathering

Well Scotch on the Rocks is literally only hours away! I believe there are still a few tickets available (by paypal only), so if you still haven't got your tickets you might just be lucky!

I shall be travelling up on the from Newcastle and arriving at 3pm on the Wednesday afternoon and it looks like I won't be the only one. So if you're out and about, twiddling your thumbs, then meet us in the "The Mercat Bar"

I may be the sad git wearing the green Macromedia User Group T-Shirt or I may be incognito! ;)

Scotch '007 - Ticket sales pass 70 mark!

Scotch on the Rocks 2007 Agent A has just passed me a coded transmission that would suggest that there are less than 30 tickets left for Scotch and first level of Agent K's pledge will come into affect imminently.

With the Scorpio UG Tour under way in the US, there has already been some discussion about the new features on the Scottish CFUG Mailing listThere's been mention of the Per Application settings and a discussion about the .Net "integration" in Scorpio.

New features in Scorpio always bring mention of features that are already in other CFML engines, such as Bluedragon, Railo and Smith.

If you want to be involved in a lively discussion about the pros and con of each of the engines, then the best place you could possibly be is Scotch! There will be speakers for Scorpio (Ben Forta, Tim Buntel), Bluedragon (Alan Williamson) and Railo (Gert Franz) at the conference, so I have no doubt there will be some excellent discussions that you definitely don't want to miss out on!

To top all of that Adobe have recently announced their strategic plans to move Flex to Open Source. Scotch will have probably the worlds best Flex speakers, in the shape of Steven Webster, Alistair McLeod, Alex Uhlmann, Andy Rayne and Peter Martin from Adobe EMEA.

What more could you want from a conference!??!! Free money, excellent topics, world class speakers, lively discussion, free money for 2 lucky people, a goodie bag to rival all goodie bags, your food and drink through the day and all for a bargain £85 held in Scotlands famous fesival city of Edinburgh!!

Get your tickets to Scotch now before its too late!!!!!

Updated SCFUG website.

I finally made some time to redo the Scottish ColdFusion User Group website.

Big thank you to Martin Jones (who still needs his own website! ;) ) for putting together the design and css. Sorry its taken me so long to get around to doing something with it.

The content is a little lacking at the minute, but at least I've got a nice new site design to put it into as I get a chance.

I plan to put up the information about the Connect/Breeze meetings we've held so far and information about meetings to be held in the future in the Events section. Currently, the future online meetings are kinda on hold while Andy, Kev and myself organise Scotch '007

I've posted the recent job advert from Neil Barr of Alienation for a Senior Web Developer in the jobs sections. (Email jobs at scottishcfug dot com if you want to post your job averts up there as well. NOTE: Agencies need to apply!)

I want to post items of note from IT news and the "blogosphere" in the news section (Email me @ stephen at scottishcfug dot com if you have any suggestions) as well as news from the group itself.

If you aren't already, go to the sign up section to sign up to the SCFUG google group. There's all sorts of people on there, so you should always be able to get an answer to any web development question you might have, as well as get to find out the UG news first.

If you've got any suggestions of content to go on the site, then please don't hesitate to drop me an email or catch me at Scotch. ;)

Scotch on the Rocks - Update

If you haven't already seen Online Registration is now available for Scotch '007 - Just head on over to the site and click on the banner on the home page.

If you still interested in paying by bank transfer or cheque, give Andy and I a shout via scotch at scottishcfug dot com.

Scotch also has a couple of new sponsors. Integral will be sponsoring the lanyards for Scotch as well as supplying us with copies of FusionDebug and Fusion Reactor to give away as prizes at the conference. Knowledge House, my new employers as it happens, also join the list of Bronze sponsors and will be giving me some stuff to put in the delegate's swag bags.

I should also give honourable mention to Fuzzy Orange - Andy Allan's company, who have upped their sponsorship to the silver level. Big thank to Andy for all his efforts in heading up organising this event.

I've also posted a draft of the agenda on to the site for your delight and delectation. We've got a great bunch of speakers and I'm looking forward to seeing as many of them speak as possible. Take a look for yourselves at

Anyway, back to work for me ;)

Scotch Agenda

Wow! How empty is my blog?!!

Guess I should write about something!

Take a look at the Scotch Agenda! The interogation rooms are all booked, so we've just posted when you can see each of the torture sessions.

Added to sessions is a one for myself. I shall be running a networking session, probably as a speed meeting on the Friday morning. If you have no idea what a speed meeting is, take a look at the related articles.

Scotch '007 - Swiss invasion.....

Messages recently intercepted by Agents Allan and Moretti showed that elements from Adobe in the US and the UK are readying forces to converge on Edinburgh at the end of May.

New messages intercepted late last night also show that not only will Swiss operatives be sponsoring the event, but they are also sending in an agent of their own to provide intel on their latest gadgets.

Interrogation rooms are being prepared as we speak.......

Scotch! The new Martini in '007

In the words of Tiffany Case, "I'm very impressed, there's a lot more to you than I imagined.".

The repertoire for Scotch has rapidly expanded in the last couple of days. Message, secret ones if you're to believe Andy's Scotch addled mumblings, have arrived confirming 4 new speakers and 2 new sponsors for Scotch.

The two new sponsors are FirstServ and Railo. FirstServ are our first Gold level Sponsor and Railo will be a bronze sponsor.

The 4 new speakers are : Firstserv's David Pratt, Railo's Gert Franz, Steven Webster of Adobe Consulting and last, but not least, SystemForge's Peter Bell.

With the new speakers, we're now up to 10 speakers for the conference and we're busily confirming topics and starting to build an agenda. If you want to see the complete list of speakers have a look on the Scotch website here :

Next week we'll be getting the payment processing up and running, so that you'll be able to start purchasing tickets for the conference.

SCFUG January Meeting : Recording

Many thanks to Raymond Camden and everyone that attended for an excellent and interesting presentation and meeting on ModelGlue. Great to see some of the new features in MG2 being demo'd.

The recording for the meeting can be found here :

Ray will be posting the presentation and files on his blog :

Once again, thanks to everyone, especially Raymond for his time.

UPDATE : You can find the presentation download on here Ray's blog

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