Lightning Introduction to CFML

Last night I did my lightning talk to Northeast UK tech group SuperMondays ( The overall topic for the night was programming languages you might not have heard of.

How could I pass up the chance to pimp my favourite web application language? So I offered to talk about CFML.


How I got started in ColdFusion

As per usual its been far too long since I wrote anything on my blog, so it seems fitting that I join in with the "How I got started with ColdFusion." day.

I suppose I should start with where I actually started with this Internet malarkey.


Exporting only changed files from SVN

At work we've got a number of large projects that have a considerable number of very large binary resources that we manage under source control with SVN.

The problem we have is that some of the legacy projects have resource in folders underneath the code base rather than outside of the code base. This makes it difficult to update just the code from an export of a tag. This is exacerbated by the fact that the large resources are binary, so we can't patch using an svn diff.

For some time now I've been looking for a means to get a diff, pick up the files that have changed or added and export only those files into an appropriate directory structure that I can easily drop into place.

I finally have one!


Manually creating MultiServer instances of Adobe ColdFusion Server

In the past I've blogged about manually deploying ColdFusion instances on Multiserver JRun and Apache. For a while now I've been meaning to write about the process of doing a complete manual creation of a JRun instance and deploying Adobe ColdFusion Server on that instance.

Why? Well. Its something I do all the time and its actually really easy. But why? Well I broke my JRun admin instance about 18 months ago. I couldn't fix it and no one seemed to be able to help me, so I resorted to manually creating and deploying ColdFusion instances on JRun.

Before Christmas, one of my colleagues had the exact same problem I has with JRun admin as I had. She asked me if I knew how to fix it. Having spent time on it and abandoned it I told her to manually create her instances. Inevitably she asked me if I'd written it down anywhere. Of course, I haven't, so now I'm going to.


I'm speaking at Scotch on the Rocks!

Today the Scotch on the Rocks Speakers list was release by Andy Allan and his motley crew.


AJAX Longpolling with ColdFusion and BlazeDS - Subtopics and building a messaging app

I'm sorry to say that I've been putting this post off. Why? Well to be honest I've been struggling with getting my head around how to actually use longpolling. Its all very well understanding the mechanics, but how can you use it effectively.

Part of the problem I've been having is the nature of sending messages and filtering them with BlazeDS. What I keep forgetting is that long poll messaging is "fire and forget". You don't send a message and expect an immediate response. You send a message and a response might be broadcast to all event listeners with a specific filter. If you want a request and response, call a webservice or a make an ajax request. Don't use long polling and event gateways.


Blog Roundup 30 April 2010

I'm rubbish! I really am... I promise and I promise to keep on top of Blog Round-ups, but I never seem to quite manage it.

I would really like to keep writing this round-ups ever week, but its quite an effort. Can I persuade anyone to co-author these posts with me? Leave me a comment. Drop me an email. Shout me on Twitter.

Anyway, on with the round-up.


APR and IRR Calculator Component - Code Review please

Ten days ago I post my first project to RIAForge. Its a pretty simple project as it only consists of one CFC and I would appreciate some feed back on the code. Hence the request for a code review.

This CFC is based on research and work that I did to be able to create a finance calculator for a client and works quite nicely. I'm also pleased to see that at the time of writing this post my project has already been viewed 700 times and downloaded 23 times. I hope you're finding it useful.

The CFC is, as the title of this blog post suggests an APR and IRR calculator and you can download it from RIAForge here :


AJAX Longpolling with ColdFusion and BlazeDS - Getting set up

I've spent some of my week this week fighting with JavaScript, BlazeDS and ColdFusion to get a working model for some ExtJS functionality that I'm currently building at work.

One of several pieces of functionality we'd like is to have is real time notifications of workflow changes. The way it was described was "we want to push alerts to the users".

I decided to have a look at how we actually addressed this "problem". We didn't really need to "push" alerts to users, so the solution was traditional polling or long polling.


ColdFusion Podcasts Roundup

To kick start my reading of blogs I've started listening to podcasts again.

I used to listen to ColdFusion Podcast and Weekly, but unfortunately they are now deceased, so I had a bit of a search and asked around on Twitter. Here's the podcasts I'm now listening to and a few thoughts.


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