Blog Round up 20 September 2009

This blog round up is somewhat later than I had intended, but for good reason.  I've been waiting for a couple of blog posts to emerge into the public domain, so that I could include them in the round up. I can't impress upon you how important it is to read these posts.


Blog Roundup September 11th 2009

Sorry..... Its been a very very long time since I posted a blog round up. 

I recently moved my blog from hosting on my PC at home to extremely cheap Coldfusion 8 hosting with Hosting A to Z and I've updated to MangoBlog 1.4 with a new site theme, so I've decided its time I got my act together and started posting again.


Twitter marketing. Should you? Shouldn't you?

I mentioned on Twitter that I did a crash course in using Twitter for some of my colleagues. They needed to know how it could be used for networking and marketing. I was asked what my thoughts on marketing using Twitter were. I said I would write something up and get it posted.


What am I reading?

Previously I wrote a number of weekly blog round up of the 100 or so blogs I'm subscribed to, but I've let it get all out of date and I've not been reading as much as I should.


Eclipse, Mylyn and Trac 0.11

My first post for ages! Sorry about that....

Something quite exciting, that I've had a crack at fixing myself, but the combination of my poor java and python skills has prevented me from completing this adequately. However, the combined skills of the trac developers and the development team for Mylyn and the Mylyn Trac connector have managed to combine to finally provide the highly awaited Mylyn, Eclipse and custom Trac workflow integration!


Web 2.0 - Meeting the challenge

I few weeks back I wrote an aritcle for the bdaily bulletin on Web 2.0. I ended up writing a little too much and it ended up as a two parter. Here now are the two parts back to one article.


Running ie6 in ie7 compatibility mode

This was an April Fools Day post. Please don't try this at home!!! Please do enjoy the link to Hugs for Monsters. ;)

Yesterday I was doing a bunch of testing of a site that went live in the afternoon. Most of that testing involved making sure that there were no faux pas in the CSS that broke the display in Internet Explorer 6.


Web 2.0 Articles in the bdaily

One of the many blogs, newsletters and electronic publications that I read is a Newcastle-based business daily newsletter called the bdaily.

The bdaily publishes selected business news from the north east of england to recipients locally as well as globally.


Manually creating JRun Server instances.

I'm having a spot of bother with the JRun JMC (Java Management Console) at the minute. 

For some reason I'm getting error messages like this :


Blog Round up 19 Feb 2009

Ack!  I really should keep up with these things.  I've been reading through a couple of new blogs, looking at extJS and playing with Sun's GlassFish as a possible alternate java server for ColdFusion.

Well, Gary Fenton joked that I should change my blog slogan to "I read 100 blogs so YOU don't have to!", now I actually do read 100 blogs! Well 102 to be precise! hmmm make that 103...  No idea why, but Adam Lehman's blog wasn't on my list!


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