AJAX Longpolling with ColdFusion and BlazeDS - Connecting and Messaging

In my last post on long polling I went through the basic set up of ColdFusion and BlazeDS before getting into too much code.

This part I want to get a basic connection and a couple of simple messages being sent and received.


AJAX Longpolling with ColdFusion and BlazeDS - Getting set up

I've spent some of my week this week fighting with JavaScript, BlazeDS and ColdFusion to get a working model for some ExtJS functionality that I'm currently building at work.

One of several pieces of functionality we'd like is to have is real time notifications of workflow changes. The way it was described was "we want to push alerts to the users".

I decided to have a look at how we actually addressed this "problem". We didn't really need to "push" alerts to users, so the solution was traditional polling or long polling.


Compiling ColdFusion Applications for Deployment

I've been compiling ColdFusion applications on and off over the years for various reasons, usually on my server or another server that I have access to.

Recently I've been compiling for deployment to an external server that I've not had access. I ran into a few problems with the resulting compiled code not running on these servers while it runs perfectly locally.

To start at the beginning, I've often simply pre-compiled an application in place, so that it need not compile the templates on first access. Occasionally I've compiled for source-less deployment. Usually under those circumstances I've had access to the server, where I've simply loaded source code onto the server, compile, dropped the compile code into place and then removed the source.


A Return to BlogCFC

I decided a while back that I wanted to move from MangoBlog to something simpler. I wanted to get back to writing blogs rather than messing about with the application.

As you can tell from the title of this post and the lovely oranginess of my blog I ended up coming back to BlogCFC.


ColdFusion Podcasts Roundup

To kick start my reading of blogs I've started listening to podcasts again.

I used to listen to ColdFusion Podcast and Weekly, but unfortunately they are now deceased, so I had a bit of a search and asked around on Twitter. Here's the podcasts I'm now listening to and a few thoughts.


Blog Round up 20 September 2009

This blog round up is somewhat later than I had intended, but for good reason.  I've been waiting for a couple of blog posts to emerge into the public domain, so that I could include them in the round up. I can't impress upon you how important it is to read these posts.


Blog Roundup September 11th 2009

Sorry..... Its been a very very long time since I posted a blog round up. 

I recently moved my blog from hosting on my PC at home to extremely cheap Coldfusion 8 hosting with Hosting A to Z and I've updated to MangoBlog 1.4 with a new site theme, so I've decided its time I got my act together and started posting again.


Using Twitter effectively for your business : Getting started

I was asked at work to give a bit of a crash course in using twitter and how they could use it to market our business and our products without upsetting the general twitter populace.


Twitter marketing. Should you? Shouldn't you?

I mentioned on Twitter that I did a crash course in using Twitter for some of my colleagues. They needed to know how it could be used for networking and marketing. I was asked what my thoughts on marketing using Twitter were. I said I would write something up and get it posted.


What am I reading?

Previously I wrote a number of weekly blog round up of the 100 or so blogs I'm subscribed to, but I've let it get all out of date and I've not been reading as much as I should.


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