about me

Who is nil desperandum?

Nil Desperandum is me - Stephen Moretti. Nil was a nick name I picked up back in the late 80's early 90's when I was at Northumbria University (Newcastle Poly and University of Northumbria at Newcastle at the time). My computer name was Zero the Hero from a song by a French band called Gong. A friend always insisted on calling me some derivation of Zero eg. Nothing, Nowt, Zip, Nil. The latter stuck...
For my blog I looked for something to do with nil as the name and came up with "nil desperandum".
Nil Desperandum is Latin or Greek for "There is no cause of despair" or "never despair"
Never despair.... There is nearly always a solution to a problem as long as you look in the right place. ;o)

Something about me

I've been a CF Developer since 1997, just catching the tail end of CF2 and the beginning of CF3.

For a while I was heavily involved in the Fusebox community, as well as being Co-Manager of the UK CFUG and the Manager of the Northern UK CFUG. I'm now the Manager of the Scottish ColdFusion User Group Manager along with Andy Allan.

I have been a self employed contractor with clients such as Formica UK Limited, but now I'm back to being a wage slave (Software Development Manager) at Enigma Interactive and previously Knowledge House and Designs of the Time 2007.

I also created cfoverflow on twitter with the help of twitterfeed to push ColdFusion questions from here out to the ColdFusion community who live on twitter.

If you want to get in touch, email on stephen dot moretti at gmail dot com or you can find me on twitter @mr_nil