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How I got started in ColdFusion

Originally Posted At : August 1, 2011 11:08 PM on As per usual its been far too long since I wrote anything on my blog, so it seems fitting that I join in with the "How I got started with ColdFusion." day.

I suppose I should start with where I actually started with this Internet malarkey.

In 1989, I started at what was Newcastle Polytechnic, and is now Northumbria University, a year late having flunked a year of A level Math, Biology and Chemistry and gone off to college to get a National Diploma in Computing for Business. Two years of Higher National Diploma in Computing for Business with a year of work placement in the middle and a lot of time spent building various applications on the DEC Vax system in poly I decided to top my HND up to an honours degree. To be fair, I did rather well in my HND and I was offered the opportunity to do an extra two years to get the 'better' qualification and not really knowing what I wanted to do I took the opport…

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